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Mindset, Marketing &
Make It Happen

2 Hour Creative Workshops

Tools | Resources | Community

Are you a creative, a business owner, an artist, practitioner or entrepreneur and ready to take your vision to the next level?

No matter where you are on your journey, this is for you.

All workshops are 2 hours, practical and immersive.
They will be held at Future Leap from 10am - 12pm on a Tuesday.

You will discover new topics each time, so you're encouraged to join them all. Invest in yourself, you're future self will thank you.
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What do you
actually do?

Join Today
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How to market
and network?

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How to grow
and scale?

September 6th

October 11th

November 8th

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Learn to simply share your offering to the world
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Gain confidence in communicating your business
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Gain clarity in who your ideal customers are
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Understand clear marketing tools and techniques
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Develop a way to ensure you are reaching more people
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Gain skills to build relationships to support you
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Learn how to manage your growing business
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Understand how to build your team
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Gain skills to keep clients happy and coming back
You'll leave workshops with practical tools and resources & get support with taking the next steps.

Introductory Offer for one workshop.


Price rising to £77
on August 31st.

Offer for going ALL IN and joining all 3 workshops...


All 3 workshops
+ a private mastermind


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Save £100 when you book all 3 workshops
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Includes a focused mastermind with coaches
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Includes discount on a wellness experience
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Early-bird access to new courses in 2023

Good to know

Workshops can be joined individually
Each workshop limited to 14 spaces 
Refreshments available
Bring a notepad, pen & smart device
Supported by 3 skilled coaches
Potential side effects include:
Loving Mondays & living a f*ck yes life

Chloe Aldam

Simplicity Parenting

"Nicely facilitated. Plenty of energy. Great to meet others willing to share their experiences & gift their wisdom. Thanks"

Lori Merchant

Dazed Muzic

"It’s a great way to meet business owners and creatives and really hone in on the different tips/tricks/advice that suit your own or your business’ needs"

Connor Curran
Digital Creator

"An incredibly powerful and wholesome space and environment to help assist, encourage and support in each other's growth."

Where the magic happens

Future Leap, 1-3 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8AA

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