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Power of a cold-shower: 6 tips to support you stepping in.

Cold showers are a simple practice, but it isn’t always easy.

Here are 6 tips that could ease you into cold showers.

1. Intention: Why do you want to take a cold shower?

There are many answers to this question. Health benefits, mental resilience, curiosity. Whatever it is, identify your intention. That will act as a mental anchor for you.

2. Your breathe is your superpower

When you start to expose your body to cold water, you will start to take short, fast breaths. This is normal. Aim to slow down the breath and regulate your nervous system. Would you like a free online video to guide you through different breath techniques? Download here now.

3. Step into the shower

Make the decision today to start. But start with the water temperature at lukewarm. Not too hot, not too cold, somewhere in the middle and then step your entire body into that shower.

4. Push through discomfort

Your shower should last no longer than 5 minutes, so after 10-20 seconds start to slowly lower the temperature. Keep gradually lowering the temperature.

5. Remind yourself of the previous steps

As the water gets colder, resistance may appear. Remind yourself of why you’re doing it. Focus on taking slower, deeper breaths and know that you have the power to tackle the cold shower.

6. Level up

You really can shift through different waves of emotions with cold-water practices. Many people move from states of anxiety to levels of euphoria. Cloudy minds to empowering mindsets. Emotional rollercoasters to a sense of calm. And you have everything you need in the comfort of your home to give it a go.

If you wish to dip in further into cold-water practices, Emergent Purpose hosts bi-weekly wellness experiences combining Yoga, Breathe-work & Swim at Clevedon Marine Lake. You can check that out here.

Or maybe you want to take a dunk and explore the power of hot and cold water exposure with the Ice-Bath & Sauna sessions in Bishopston Bristol. You can check that out here.

At Emergent Purpose Waves of Wellness series, you will have support by an experienced team of facilitators and a pool of like-minded humans that are ready to break-through discomfort with you.

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