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Cold Water Swimming: Why is it good for your mental health?

Take a moment and visualise a vast body of water, the radiant blue sea below the spacious sky, the sun rising and the ripples of water create a soothing soundscape for your ears.

It sounds inviting right, is it enough to encourage you to take a dip?

If yes come and join us for our series of Waves of Wellness, an experience combining yoga, breathe-work & swim at Clevedon Marine Lake.

If you need to soak up more of the benefits, read on 🙂

Cold water swimming benefits: Anxiety-reduction

To safely explore cold-water swimming, you must tap into the power of your breathe. There are different breath techniques that you can learn to keep the body warm, to remain calm and regulate the body after the initial shock of entering the cold water. Emergent Purpose teaches you this within the Waves of Wellness experiences. Once you know these breathe techniques you can integrate them in your every day life, giving you the power to respond to challenging situations with ease and grace.

Cold water swimming benefits: Connect to nature

How often do you wake up in the morning and get trapped in the tech-hole? Emails, notifications, news pulling your attention in all directions. By joining Waves of Wellness its a great invitation to soak up the green before you hit the screen. You can plug into nature with an outdoor yoga practice, breathe in the fresh air and press that mind-body reset as you cleanse into Clevedon Marine Lake.

Cold water swimming benefits: Mental resilience

Life can be a rollercoaster, theres always tough decisions to be made, so how can we build on mental resilience in a fun, supportive way? Join Waves of Wellness and start the day breaking through your comfort zone. Rising early and embracing a cold-water swim will regulate the hormones in your body; reducing cortisol (stress hormone), increasing endorphins and testosterone (promoting energy). By committing to the practice, alongside a pool of like-minded humans, you cant help but soak up the incredible feel-good high and I CAN attitude. You’ll start to seek the uncomfortable instead of avoiding it. You’ll start to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable.

This is to name just a few benefits. Are you ready to take a plunge?

Come and join us for our series of Waves of Wellness.

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