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Why Yoga is Important for Co-Working Spaces?

Unmotivated to work? Co-working spaces are becoming increasing popular as a hub for flexible and collaborative working environments, yet ‘going to work’ and facing your ‘work-load’ can still be stressful and overwhelming, right?

What if you were able to take a break away from the screen to decompress and refocus?

This is where organisation, Emergent Purpose, is supporting Bristol co-working hubs, Future Leap, Gather Round & Origin Workspace, to deliver lunch-time yoga classes to help create a calm and supportive places for members to de-stress.

So why is yoga important for co-working spaces?

Posture support

How many hours to you sit at your desk? Sitting crossed legs putting pressure on your knees? Typing and texting causing repetitive strain on your wrists? These simple, daily actions can inflict pain on the body and having access to a lunch-time yoga class reminds co-workers to move in a different way. The physical postures in Yoga can help to stretch and strengthen the muscles in the neck, back and shoulders, which can help to improve posture and reduce pain.

Increase productivity and creativity

Co-working spaces are often hubs for creatives and entreprenuers. It can be challenging in the world of self-employed to stay focused and inspired. An aspect of yoga is the education of how to use the breathe to bring a sense of calm and focus. When an individual is more relaxed, it can lead to increased productivity and creativity, creating an inspiring environment within the co-working spaces.

Encouraged mindfulness and self-awareness

In addition to the physical benefits, yoga also supports individuals to become more in tune with their bodies and emotions, increasing self-awareness and mindfulness. This can lead to better decision making, a more cohesive environment for multiple organisations.

Improved social connections

Yoga classes can bring co-workers together in a social setting, creating an opportunity for deeper connections to form. This can lead to a better sense of community within the co-working space, which can be particularly important for freelancers or remote workers who may otherwise feel isolated. By taking part in a shared activity, co-workers can build relationships and support each other in both work and personal endeavours.

The list of benefits could continue, yet you won’t really feel the benefits until you try, right?

Are you an organisation, co-working space or team that would like to invite wellness into your workspace? Contact Emergent Purpose here for a free, informal chat to discuss a wellness plan to suit your organisation.

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