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Private Sauna Social

Book a 45-minute Group Sauna Session. For up to 6 people.

We believe sauna is a holistic cleansing experience that deserves the respect and time it is given in many global cultures! So we built a community for you to enjoy in the heart of Bristol.

Communal sauna bathing is an ancient ritual that promotes social, mental, physical and existential wellbeing in individuals.

For each sauna session, you'll need to bring a towel and a water bottle. There is fresh filtered water and a cold outdoor rinse station for afterwards.

"Every person in the UK should be able to access the life-affirming social and health benefits of sauna, regardless of wealth or background." British Sauna Society.

Sauna Social slots are available for you

Please send us an enquiry with your preferred date and time and we will get back to you.

Sauna Social start at £60ph for a group of 6.

Tim Anderson

"The relaxation that comes with sitting in that heat was immense."

Laura Wong

"What a beautiful evening! I wish I could end every day like this!"

Aimee Smith

"Ah I enjoyed meeting new people, great end to the day"

Get in touch below with your requested dates, times and amount of people and we will be in touch.

Sauna Enquiry

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